WLCR New York, long known for its excellent graphic and typographic work, has taken its skills and experience into a new universe--the World Wide Web.

Businesses used to reaching their customers through the print media can now reach a new consumer population through the internet. WLCR is poised to help our old and new clients develop visually striking web sites, and incorporate all the capabilities of the web into their overall marketing strategy. Best of all, WLCR can deliver its web services for an extremely competitive price.

At WLCR New York we work with our clients to define the place of a web site in their overall marketing and advertising plans. They may want a basic "Here we are" advertising presence. Or they may want to sell an entire line of products directly to web consumers using secure credit card transactions. Whatever it is, WLCR is here to keep the focus on bottom-line goals and work with them in deciding the best way to reach those goals.

After the general strategy is decided upon, we will set to work to make it happen. We will:

The web is a dynamic, continually changing world, and a good web site will evolve over time to meet new demands and opportunities. Once a presence on the web has been established, we will maintain it so that it is always up to date with the customer's changing needs, and up to date with the latest web technologies (which change at a dizzying pace). We will provide information on who is visiting the site so that it can be adapted to meet changing demographics.

And one more very important, most important factor: We work to deliver this highest quality internet presence for the lowest possible price.

If you would like to talk to one of our representatives, or if you have questions, click the e-mail button below and fire them off to us. Or, even better, pick up the phone and call the number below. We'll be glad to answer your questions or schedule an appointment with one of our representatives.


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